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Nick Carter - Master Detective

"Nick Carter - famous for chasing crime."

This series gave voice to pulp fiction, a specialized type of magazine (named for the paper it was printed on) popular between the 1880's and 1950's. Nick Carter's character first appeared in a pulp magazine in 1886. The radio show premiered on April 11, 1943, and ran on Mutual Broadcasting System until Sept. 25, 1955.

Helped by his trustworthy friends, assistant Patsy Bowen and reporter Scubby Wilson, Carter used a blend of swift logic to gather evidence, and hardboiled methods to question witnesses and suspects. Sgt. Matheson of the local police department cooperated with Carter's investigations, but was sometimes exasperated when the community lauded Carter for solving the crimes.

There are 124 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Echo of Death July 6, 1943
Glass Coffin September 27, 1943
Flying Duck Murders October 4, 1943
Prison Evidence October 18, 1943
An Angle on Murder October 25, 1943
Body on the Slab November 3, 1943
Drug Ring Murder November 10, 1943
Substitute Bride November 17, 1943
Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure December 25, 1943
Death after Dark February 19, 1944
Double Disguise January 8, 1944
Missing Harold Ascourt January 12, 1944
Nine Hours to Live January 15, 1944
Records of Death January 22, 1944
Unwilling Accomplice January 29, 1944
Corpse in the Cab February 5, 1944
Dead Witness February 6, 1944
Missing Harold Ascort February 12, 1944
Dead Witnesses February 26, 1944
Death in the Pines March 4, 1944
Drums of Death March 25, 1944
Professor's Secret April 1, 1944
Murder By Magic April 8, 1944
A Cat Brings Death April 15, 1944
Numbers Murders October 8, 1944

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